LattePanda 4GB+64GB Unable to boot, failed reset

userHead fazar65 2020-11-18 19:23:57 2070 Views1 Replies

I would be grateful if you could help please

I have purchased a used LattePanda board which is not working and I am unable to send back to seller as it is past return date.

Board details:
4gb+64gb ver S70CR200305
S/N KBWMP170714700331
S70CR200-CC55D-MID / Z8350

1-) Initially the board was loading into windows 10 and then intermittently restarting, I purchased a Belkin brand 5V 2.1A USB power supply and used the original micro SD power cable. This did not resolve the issue

2-) I went into bios and reset to original settings, this did not resolve the issue, at times the board would not boot load

3-) I did the reset by holding the power and reset button as per instruction but this did not solve the issue.

4-) I reinstalled windows 10 via usb and updated the drivers based on the forum post link to github and Googledrive driver download page but this did not solve the issue.

5-) I downloaded the bios file and placed on a fat32 flash drive to perform a bios update as per github bios page and the youtube video but the board did not update (just showed the latte panda logo and not the bios update line by line instructions)

6-) I have tried resetting the board again via bios and the buttons and now the board does not load, only shows the latte panda logo but does not load windows. I have made another usb flash windows installation media and have set the boot order in the bios to usb drive to re-install windows but the board will not load the usb.

7-) At this time the board is unable to boot or load an OS from USB, seems to be stuck on the lattepanda logo page.

I am unable to think of anything else and I cannot perform a hardware flash as is beyond my capability.

Could I have suggestion please including authorisation for RMA?

please see Pictures at ... sp=sharing

Many thanks