Lattepanda Alpha Not booting After First reflash for autopower on

userHead Ajith P Joseph 2020-11-20 11:22:43 1735 Views0 Replies

Hi, I received my LP Alpha and I booted it with Ubuntu 16.04LTS. I needed my OS to boot when power is on. So went for the method that is given in the link below to Reflash my BIOS (LattePanda Alpha Updated BIOS for Auto power-on --Beta Version). 

I am having Alpha m3-7y30.

The first reflash went good and after that I used "Ctrl+Alt+Delt" to restart the system to go to second reflash. But at this moment that screen went of no display. I tried other HDMI cables but no screen. 

Then I tried Hard reset but was no good. 

I removed RTC battery and booted but It was not getting booted. 

I need a solution for this problem.

Can I restore the BIOS using a programer??