Does LattePanda V1 works with Windows Server 2019?

userHead EduardoFoltran 2020-12-05 22:19:30 2439 Views2 Replies
Yes. It does.

I am improving my home network and decided to put a proper windows server on it to serve HTML pages and NAS. I was using W10 to do this job, but it is not intended for such purpose. I search all the internet to find out if a LattePanda V1 was capable of running Windows Server and I found no mention of it at all. So I did the test. I downloaded Server 2019 from Microsoft website, used Rufus to create an installation pendrive and went on.

I had some issues to make the WiFi work, but that was because WS has WiFi disabled by default. One must install WiFi service for it to work. More information here:

Now I have Windows Server 2019 running on a LattePanda V1 with 4GB RAM, 64GB HDD and an external 500GB HDD connected via USB 3.

I believe a 2GB RAM LattePanda could do the job as well.

I hope this post can help someone trying to do the same as me.