USB Root Hub gets lost

userHead OJapes 2020-12-07 20:50:25 1185 Views1 Replies

we're using the LP in combination with our custom designed USB-Device. This device mainly consists of a FTDI with several devices that are used via virtual com ports.

Everything works fine most of the time, but lately we're having issues with LPs that are losing the entire USB Root Hub. Neither our custom device nor the touch display or any other connected devies work anymore after that. Only a reboot helps.

The custom device works flawless with many other computers.

We've updated the LPs BIOS, all drivers, installed a clean windows, nothing helps.
Up to now we suspected the power supply to be the culprit, but we were able to reproduce this behavior with several other power supplies, including a programmable power supply.

Is there anything else we can do in order to keep the root hub stable?