Compatible LiPo batteries with Molex 10p Panelmate connector

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I have been digging around the forums to try to find compatible batteries with the lattepanda alpha.

Note: If you have found other compatible batteries or if you know the physical sizes of those feel free to chime in and I will add the details to this post.

So far, I have seen those 2 being used with the lattepanda alpha:
I have also contacted a few battery shops.
Those have not been tested, but may be compatible as well:
  • DELL YN6W9
    • 7.4V
    • Up to 4324mAh
    • Parts: YN6W9
  • Prestigio SMARTBOOK 133S
    • 7.4V
    • Up to 5000mAh
    • Parts: SMARTBOOK 133S
  • Teclast F6/F7
    • 7.6V
    • Up to 5000mAh
    • Parts: 30154200P
  • XIAOMA 31/41
    • 7.6V
    • Up to 4500mAh
    • Parts: XIAOMA 31/XIAOMA 41
  • Teclast F5, MaxBook Y11
    • 7.6V
    • Up to 3500mAh
    • Parts: MaxBook Y11 H!M6, H-30137162P, Teclast F5
  • Chuwi Lapbook Air
    • 7.6V
    • Up to 5000mAh
    • Parts: LAPBOOK AIR, LAPBOOK AIR 14, CWI529, N3450

I will keep updating this post if I get more information.

Edit2: Size of cube battery
Edit3: Additions to the list
Edit4: Size of chuwi battery