Thinking of Buying but Some Questions

userHead wexelmayl57 2020-12-23 22:22:23 1727 Views1 Replies
I've been thinking of picking up the 2GB model with the Windows key included.

I've watched a lot of videos on YouTube and it looks like a nice little board. What I'd like to use it for is tinkering with software and saw this as a perfect way to do that. For example, I'd probably mess around with different OS's, mess around with Windows settings, see what I could squeeze out of the board and make it do, maybe attack it with Kali on my rPi, etc...

So, I love the idea of being able to re-flash windows easily, to correct what I screw up. Can anyone tell me about the Windows re-flashing process? Is it as easy as the website makes it sound? Does your windows key stay active after re-flashing?

I've also been reading all over the place about people having issues getting it booted. Having to reflash the BIOS with a programmer. Does anyone have a feeling that these issues are widespread? This board looks awesome but I get the sense maybe the BIOS or something isn't stable and causes lots of headaches.