Triple-Display solution on a LattePanda (+ source recommendations?)

userHead opergayal49 2020-12-23 22:31:34 1041 Views1 Replies
I am working on a project that requires three small displays to be connected to a LattePanda Alpha 864. Since I'm still at the beginning of the design process, I can't give you any fixed specs, but I can give you a rough outline of what I want.

One of the displays will be used as a VR display, so it will be about as big as a modern phone screen, and it must have a high resolution (2K or more) and a very high pixel density (500+ would be best). Since this will be the 'main display', I want to connect it to the LattePanda's HDMI port.

The other two TFT displays will be equal in size and a lot smaller smaller (3.5"~4.5"; 4:3 or 1:1), so they don't need to have a very high resolution (~640x480). There is one very important requirement for these smaller displays: They must be very bright, i.e. the image they will show must be clearly visible in direct sunlight. Since these two displays will be the same size, it would be nice if I could use some sort of splitter that would allow me to connect both of them to a single monitor port on the SBC. Since the HDMI port is already in use, I have to make use of another display output, and the LattePanda has the following options: 1) USB 3.0; 2) MIPI-DSI; and 3) DisplayPort through USB-C.

I've seen dual display modules with an HDMI control board on ebay, but the problem with those is that the image is mirrored, and the computer recognizes them an only one display. In this project I want to take advantage of all the screen space on all three displays.

In this post the focus is on the two smaller display, since I've already found some products on ebay that would make a good VR display.

So these are my questions:

Is there a hardware solution for splitting a video signal coming from MIPI/USB/DP to two separate 1:1 TFT modules in a way that the computer recognizes them as either two separate displays, or one wide (2:1) display? If so, where should I look for it, and what should I look out for regarding the connectors and compatibility with the TFT modules?

Can you guys give me some actual product recommendations that would fit my needs so I can see exactly what I should look for? I am looking for TFT modules with driver boards and/or splitter circuits.