Working great alpha 864?

userHead OllieRory 2020-12-25 18:14:22 2244 Views0 Replies
The computer would turn on and run with the egpu, but I kept getting HIGH system interupts, upwards of 40%. Did several restores to try to get the gtx 1050ti to work good. As a last ditch try I took the Gtx 1070 out of my desktop and tried it, it worked perfect no stuttering or system interupts. I think the issue was the 1050ti wanted more power then the EXP GDC v9.5 could supply. The 1070 needed additional power from the psu. I then swapped out the 1050ti with a gtx 1060 and had same result as I did with the 1070. If you are using the EXP GDC v9.5 for your GPU be aware the 1050ti might not work well as it needs more power then the exp can provide. I tried out Black Desert Online with the alpha. with out an egpu I was getting about 20 frames per second, it was playable, but not fun. with the gtx 1060 I am getting 54-58 FPS, it does drop to 45 fps in town. All the settings are on the lowest (I even run lowest settings on desktop for max performance, I don't care about the looks as much). The only other thing I would like to do is be able to install windows LTSB instead of the Windows 10 PRO. I have tried many many things different formats of the install usb, but no matter what I do in bios and with usb formats windows 10 install just will not see the emmc as a drive it can install windows on. I came to the conclusion the bios and or emmc is locked with that version of windows. If any staff could provide input on this I would appreciate it, as would others I am sure.