Kickstarter bundle not received?

userHead BlakeLouis 2020-12-30 20:33:13 2356 Views1 Replies
I also did not receive the bundle I was sent from LattePanda. The handling company gave incorrect info with regards to the import fee payment.

I am getting slow replies from and even slower ones from LattePanda. I did hear that my package has been returned to the sender.

My credit card insurance regarding this purchase runs until February 4th and if before that date no satisfactory resolution has been proposed I will be forced to get a refund through them. To explain my frustration I wrote down the events that occured.

As I mentioned before in the messages on kickstarter; I know you are busy, but this is just downright rude towards backers.

2018-01-15 Backed LattePanda on
2018-02-05 Payment done with credit card

2018-12-20 Received text message from to pay import taxes
Shipping #: [redacted], Value: 419 USD
Contains link to website on which to register
Registered, but no payment request was visible
2018-12-21 Received same text message again
Still unable to see the payment request
Also tried to add the payment manually, using shipping # and value

2018-12-29 Received message from LattePanda to notify me that my package must be collected
2018-12-29 Replied to LattePanda with what I already tried
No reply as of writing (2019-01-25)

2018-12-31 Contacted via contact form: no reply

2019-01-11 Contacted via contact form again
2019-01-14 Received a reply from Amelia requesting my shipping #
2019-01-15 Replied back with requested information
2019-01-15 Received an answer telling me to register on
This is another website than the one from the text message!
No time span was given
2019-01-20 Was unable to fulfill the payment, because "payment is archived"
2019-01-20 Reply back with this information: get an auto reply that inbox of recipient is full
2019-01-20 Contacted to notify them of "payment is archived" to request help: no reply

2019-01-24 E-mail Amelia again
2019-01-24 Also call Amelia on listed number
Be informed that my package was returned to sender