Improve thermal performance - Change thermal paste

userHead FelixCaleb 2021-01-02 15:50:08 3435 Views0 Replies
Hi everyone

I am always conscious of how my LPA is thermally. I downloaded and installed Intel xtreme tuning utility and used that monitor to watch how my LPA performs. When playing games with my son, in a case, the LPA would bounce between 74-78C while it throttles. A typical solution to improve thermal conductivity is replace the thermal paste.

Out of case, doing a CPU stress test via the XTU, my LPA would avg 68 C with a max of 72C for a 3 minute stress test.

I replaced thermal paste with Noctua NT-H2 and repeated the test. I got avg 63 C with a max 68C. This was for the same 3 minute stress test.

I played some games with my son last night, and the LPA averaged several degrees cooler and did not throttle as much. Definitely worth a look if you want to reduce throttling.