MSFT8000 and RHPROXY for serial busses in UWP usermode?

userHead EzraCaleb 2021-01-02 15:51:55 2045 Views0 Replies
For several years now, I developed many UWP Apps (C#) for Raspberry devices running Windows IoT. But with the time, raspberry and windows is now to slow for me. So I looked out for alternatives and found your awesome LattePanda 864s…

I ordered an 864s with the Lattepanda Touch Display and it is working great. It is fast and powerful.

One reason for my decision for using a LPA are the CPU/PCH I2C / I2S / SPI…..
Found some information here in the community and unfortunately found out, that these ports are not available in user mode access under Win10.

The reason might be the lack of the MSFT8000 definition in the BIOS ACPI table resulting in the lack of the Resource Hub Proxy Device driver (RHPROXY).