Support options

userHead David Irish 2021-01-10 05:18:09 1514 Views1 Replies
I was just wondering what support options are available for out-of-warranty devices.
I got my Latte Panda at least a couple of years ago -- the 4GB, 64GB model.

It was working fine, and I started setting it up for my personal preferences, and never actually decided what I was going to use it for. So it sat on the shelf for over a year. Today, I decided to make a Windows media center with it, but when I turned it on, after not having used it for over a year, all I get is:

* The red light comes on, flashing once.
* the blue light pulsates, but I never see anything on the screen.

I've read the forums and tried hitting escape, but my keyboard's caps lock light never comes on. IN any case, I tried to his escape a few times, then did the F3, Enter, F4, Enter trick, but still have nothing displayed on the screen.

Unless there's another trick I can try (and there is no way I'm purchasing a Flash programmer) is there a way I can send it in, and get a refurb one at a lower price than a new one?