[DEFECTIVE] Urgent help needed LP Delta 432 no Keyboard Support on boot, can't enter bios

userHead Pcman2021 2021-01-10 19:18:54 2323 Views0 Replies
I can't use the keyboard on my LP Delta till windows boot then I get to see the numlock light.
During the boot process there is no keyboard support at all so I can't press esc or del to get into the bios.
That boot process also takes on average 8 minutes.
It might be because I changed a few options in the bios.

I need to restore the bios back to its original state but I can't get into it, the keyboard is not active during boot time.

This model does not have an RTC battery to remove, is there any other way to reset the bios to its original (factory) state if I have no USB keyboard support?

If that is not possible, I guess I need an RMA