Reinstalling Windows 10, trouble with rar

userHead extraziadeh 2021-01-15 09:20:07 2421 Views2 Replies

I have recently bought a 2g/32G eMMC CR200. It was working fine up until the intel visual driver was accidently deleted. Now all it is is a black screen and it says input not supported. I've tried NUMEROUS other options to get it back but none of the things have worked. So im thinking the quickest way to get it operating is to reinstall windows. This is where I am extremely confused. 
Below is the section it says to download the image file, format the USB, and unzip the file in the root directory. However I cant move the image.rar file to the FAT32 because it is too large. I have tried numerous iterations of archiving it, 7zip, and compression and I can not figure it out. Could someone please help me?