Which BIOS flashing method is correct?

userHead piotrus22 2021-01-27 03:54:23 1908 Views2 Replies
Hi there - i searched the internet for instructions on how to flash BIOS for lattepanda alpha. Can someone confirm which method of these two is the correct one for an alpha?

1. there's this:https://github.com/LattePandaTeam/Latte ... 20m3-8100y


2. this one: https://github.com/LattePandaTeam/Latte ... -on%20BIOS

the steps are slightly different, also in the BIOS download zip there doesn't appear to be a filename called "AfuEfix64.efi" which if you look at the instructions for 1. is what they ask you to type into Shell.

last question - does it matter if I put the contents of both required files onto the USB in one go or do I have to do it separately? i.e. copy to contents of "CDJQ-BS-7-S70xxxxxx" to usb, restart, flash, THEN go back and copy over contents of "EC-7-S70xxxxxx" and again restart, flash the EC Rom? or can I do both at once?

any advice would be appreciated -

I have an m3-8100y - KR300 variant