Anyone else had windows update 20H2 Break latte pandas mbr?

userHead pneuma 2021-01-28 01:35:07 3088 Views0 Replies
I was waiting to update with all my systems b/c I heard the update was frying m2 nvme drives with their chkdsk crap but somehow it managed to update itself and I noticed when it was happening but I was already too late. Thankfully I have Acronis true image which takes backups of every system and puts them on my NAS raid of 12TB Seagate drives. So it was no problem to go back to it but then I figured ok let's try that again while I'm watching this time. So I do the update again and once again it looks fine until it does its finaly reboot and then it boots to a black screen with an A0 in the bottom corner nothing else. I have 2 x Latte panda delta 864 one is running an Evo 980 pro nvme and the other is running an Evo 970 pro both are 500GB. I've deleted the 30GB partition they come with outright b/c well it's a waste and I don't need it. I figured if I tried to add it to the 500GB by combining the two it would only cause problems later on so I just deleted the drive and left it empty as leaving the partition causes windows MBR to do weird things and windows don't like more than 1 installation of itself. None the less the update kills both machines so its nothing to do with hardware? For whatever reason this update is not liked by the latte panda? Anyone have any ideas of how to fix this?