Latte Panda Alpha Program/windows issues

userHead icleared 2021-02-05 06:02:12 2124 Views2 Replies
Hello, I am currently having an issue with this Alpha, I have tried manually re-insalling windows updates, I have even tried factory resetting the device through windows and the device still fails to prompt through a hard reset for windows operations. The error says windows failed to apply settings during restart. I am at a stand still to get my application to function with this faulty Alpha and this unit is useless as a normal computer for browsing etc. I have already gone through the power failure boot override without any issues and windows seems to launch properly. This is the first unit out of over 100 to have internal software issues. Please advise, maybe a link to a full lattepanda alpha ISO file that somehow keeps the activation key because im not going to buy one when this one is supposed to come with win 10 pro.