dual EdgeTPU with lattepanda alpha

userHead nik 2021-02-06 08:36:20 3751 Views4 Replies
hello, I'm developing a robotic platform built around a Lettapanda alpha 864.
I needed something to offload some of the vision related workload from the cpu so I bought a dual EdgeTPU from https://coral.ai/products/m2-accelerator-dual-edgetpu.
after following the provided instructions correctly it worked just fine except that only one of the two onboard accelerators shows up from lspci.
the specs located here: https://coral.ai/products/m2-accelerator-dual-edgetpu state that:
* Although the M.2 Specification (section 5.1.2) declares E-key sockets provide two instances of PCIe x1, most manufacturers provide only one. To use both Edge TPUs, be sure your socket connects both instances to the host.
is this the case for the lattepanda alpha 864? is it possible to review a part of the PCI-E schematic to make sure both lanes are connected?
here's the datasheet for the board I own: https://coral.ai/static/files/Coral-M2- ... asheet.pdf
thank you in advance