USB locked out. I need to restore BIOS defaults without using USB

userHead ijststd 2021-02-12 02:27:42 1425 Views2 Replies
I have been trying to get 4 USB cameras working using FFmpeg and a LattePanda Delta 200 model. There seems to be an issue with the number of USB end points. So I was making USB BIOS changes thinking that I could always just remove the battery, wait and reload BIOS defaults. I believe that the Delta must store the BIOS settings in some form of permanent memory because so far nothing has worked to restore to factory defaults.

I can boot the Delta into Windows 10 and connect t it remotely with windows remote desktop, but how can I recover from here?
Is there a windows program that will rewrite the BIOS settings so the Delta will do a restore on reboot?
Is there some ware to force a BIOS settings reset on boot?

Thanks Jim