Proper RMA [UNRESOLVED-04/05/21-]

userHead icleared 2021-02-17 01:38:33 7428 Views12 Replies
Hello, I have submitted an RMA Package with LattePanda for (3) 864 Alphas and had not added my Forum post or account on my RMA processed products Paperwork. My return address and all contact, initial order forms, warranty return forms were filled out in full(AND PROPER WITH CORRECT ADDRESSEE AND SPELLING) and are contained within the Package. My current status is (Held in Customs) Shipping USPS with tracking to your facility for RMA or Repair. I have since not heard anything in response. I have 7 more in need for RMA processing so PLEASE ADVISE for time sensitive Warranty Period as to a PROPER RMA Process that doesnt get held in customs. (I checked it was a gift as well so I tried all I could to prevent months of waiting) Original Ship date 12/23/2020 and in customs since 1/6/2021. The only items within the package is the Alpha board no, cables or anything to flag in customs. Why is this being held. Its not like I have a way of contacting anybody even in Customs Or even LattePanda in CHINA So your advice on RMA is all we have!!! I am a professional Computer Technician that works with High end electronics and RMA processing for bad circuitry and boards, even out side of the US but I have not had any issues until dealing with LattePanda. And I dealt with Mircom and their process is not as bad as this.... USPSTN#


For everybody's eyes who purchases or is thinking bout purchasing in the future. they are good at tech help. but RMA has been a different story. Below is a picture of a picture from the USPS as the package left the U.S. my addressee is proper and plain as daylight right in front of you it clearly states to: ATTN : ZHANG SI DE ... mage&hl=en