Alpha 864 dead, no leds, not powering up, not with USB-c nor 12V

userHead Krzysztof 2021-03-17 22:05:47 1158 Views2 Replies

I started the new topic as I could not find one exactly mentioning the same issue (after seeing many cases of dead alpha, but most going in the direction of dead power supply).

So, I have not used my alpha for a while and as I wanted to start it I realized it is dead. The typical RED on and BLUE blinking pattern was not there. First what I checked was the power supply (the original LattePanda one). I connected a monitoring stick between the power supply and the alpha, and was able to see that the negotiations went well and the power supply supplied 15V at the input. Then I also connected another PD source (battery pack) and observed the same. Then I connected an external laboratory power supply to the 12V input, because I thought that maybe the PD chip stuck and connecting the 12V will unblock it. I realized that connecting the USB-C PD power supply caused the 12V source to be disconnected (I have seen it based on the current drawn from each source).

I tried to do hard reset (reset and power SW pressed applying power and releasing after 20 seconds or more, waiting a minute or more and then once again) and it did not help.

Any ideas? Is the board really and definitely bricked?