LattePandaAlpha+ONKYO AV receiver via DP+power pass-through

userHead shnurokoleso 2021-03-25 16:43:18 2892 Views0 Replies

I use my Panda as a media center.
Panda Dysplay port->Dock station DELL 470-AEGY->AV receiver Onkyo TX-NR555->4K MI TV
It all works in 4K 60 FPS with all kind of supported audio formats from DTS to Atmos.
Reciever have 6 HDMI IN and 1 HDMI out ARC.
Initially this setup worked without any problems for around 2 weeks but then problems start to appear. For example when you switch receiver from Panda to TV mode then after some time switch it back to Panda it says No Signal while the Panda is on and can be accessed via RDP. And even Panda reboot doesn't make it work again. I was need to power of both Panda+Onkyo then power it back and then it start to work again with no problems. After a week more it was getting worse
Full power off-on circle I was required to repeat 2-3 times to make it work again. Also noticed that receiver power on\off caused Panda to reset. And finally one morning I found DELL 470-AEGY dead together with HDMI PC IN on the receiver side.
Ok I connected it through another Dock station like no-name Hico (which supports only 30FPS in 4K) to the next available HDMI port.
Situation repeated 1 in 1 after around 2 weeks. So I got 2 HDMI ports dead and 2 dock stations.
Then I connected Panda to Receiver HDMI-HDMI which also gives only 30FPS on 4K. And this setup works fine for around 3 weeks. No problems at all.
I have BR player and PS4 connected to the same receiver all the time and they never had any problems. Which makes me think that there is some problem with power path-through via DP
which causing HDMI to burn.
Does anyone had any symptomы like described above?
I want to use my Panda in 60K FPS 4K mode but I can't until this problem is sorted. It is possible that Panda's power supply have problem or some power circuit problem on Panda's DP port.

Best regards, Mike