Restore LattePanda to Out of box

userHead RSMEDUDE 2021-03-30 17:50:32 2535 Views0 Replies
Good Morning,

I am new to the LattePanda device and in all of my excitement with setting up this device I did not use my macrium reflect thumb drive to make an image of the out of box OS. I am currently working on upgrading the machine to Windows 10 Pro so that I can use it on my home network for some specific jobs. With that being said I want to make images as I go so that if I goof stuff up I can simply re-image the LP back to the last good state.

Can someone please explain step by step how to get this device to go into some sort of recovery mode so I can get it back to Out OF Box state. I am operating under the assumption that this machine has a recovery image built into it somewhere. I just have not been able to reach it.

Thank you for the help!