Electromagnetic interferences on Alpha/Arduino?

userHead Andywaloo 2021-04-03 00:23:07 2429 Views6 Replies
I recently started using the Arduino on board my alpha instead of my former Uno... but it's a bit messy... components are tingling even without power. so I read the digital pins randomly getting high for no reason (with no program and nothing attached except a cable). In a project involving leds I was able to ghostly activate the leds just by getting my finger close to the data cable (connected to the Data pin of a 74HC595)... or when the mass of cables is closer to the alpha, in a much wider field... it's fun playing with for a while but what a mess... I suspect there are strong interferences... is it actually usable? Does it require turning off the wifi and bt (ah my mouse and kb)? removing the plastic cover? Your ideas are more than welcome!
As a side question are both systems properly isolated? or is there a risk that by burning the arduino I also burn the alpha board ?
Altogether, I'm considering buying a new arduino board...
Thank you in advance for your feedback
PS: I had attached two hdd on USB3, an hdmi monitor, a powered USB C extension with a 2.4 kb dongle and wifi and bt on.