Can I power LattePanda Alpha 864s with LG 32UD99 monitor??

userHead SuttonWillow 2021-04-03 17:16:23 1970 Views3 Replies

Is it OK to power my LattePanda Alpha 864s via the USB-C cable from my LG 32UD99 monitor? According to the specifications of the monitor it provides 60w of power delivery over USB-C. I don't want to risk frying my LattePanda so I need to know that it's OK to do this, from an expert. I assume that the LattePanda will only consume the power that it needs, but need confirmation of this before I try it. I'm hoping to just have a single USB-C cable between the monitor and the LattePanda which will act as both power and video signals.

Thanks for any help offered.