KC Certificate

userHead gwjung 2021-04-13 15:52:04 5665 Views1 Replies
We have developed a robot with LattePanda and are about to introduce it to Korean market. So, I need KC to sell the product in Korea, especially KC for RF.
I was informed that radio module (for WIFI and Bluetooth) on LattePanda already got KC certification for RF. I want the KC certificate DESPERATELY. Is there anyone who can help me with this matter?

Let me explain the situation. When the Korean seller(ICbanQ) tried to get KC for LattePanda Alpha, he also needed KC for RF. Somehow he knew that the RF module had already got KC. Therefore, he submitted required documents that prove that RF module got KC, instead of getting KC from the start. The problem is that the Koreans seller doesn't know where the KC certificate is now and how to get it. It is a ridiculous situation. I am contacting here to get the KC for the RF module, which you may figure out to find.

LattePanda Alpha (DFR0546)