Does the LattePanda's USB-C port support dual-role?

userHead Ariasla 2021-04-15 22:04:28 2698 Views1 Replies
I want to know for certain if the Latte Panda delta and/or alpha support dual-role over their USB-C port, or if they're just host ports.

I ask because I want to look into the linux usb gadget system, and see if I can turn the latte panda into a glorified flashdrive for booting ISOs on other machines. But this doesn't work if the USB-C port is host only.
I know the majority of USB-C ports on the market are dual-role, but I want to be sure before I consider buying anything.

If anyone has the USB-C controller's model, that might allow me to find this for myself if nobody knows the answer to this question.