Performance reduced of new v1

userHead lynedavid 2021-04-20 06:29:36 2493 Views1 Replies
Approximately 6 weeks ago I bought a lattepanda v1 (2GB/32GB - DFR0444) and ran some performance tests to make sure the performance was going to sufficient for our needs. We are developing an application that has some graphical opengl elements and needs to run at 60hz at 1080p. The tests that we ran with this first lattepanda showed that the performance should be good enough for us, which was good news!

However, we have since bought 2 more identical devices (again - v1 (2GB/32GB - DFR0444) and we are seeing a reduction in performance of around 60% running our test application, which is surprising.

We're running Ubunto 20.04, which is cloned from an disk image from the first LattePanda. We're not running any additional cooling on the devices (yet). The only difference between the first device and the two new devices that I can see is that the first is using a 2018 BIOS but the second is using a 2020 BIOS.

Is it possible that the new bios has increased the aggressiveness of the thermal throttling?

Anyone have any idea what could be the cause?