Linux and power

userHead h3x 2021-04-22 15:39:30 3271 Views2 Replies
Hi guys,

My first post here so thanks for having me.
I'm doing research on which single board computer to buy for my project and I had almost decided on LattePanda when someone told me it's not really possible to install Linux so I thought I'd come and ask actual users if that's true.

I figured there's an SD reader and an M.2 slot, surely that means it's possible to at least store Linux on media attached to a LattePanda, no?
Maybe there are driver issues or chipset command issues, but the LattePanda uses x86_64 which Linux does run on.

Anyway, do you guys know of any reason why it shouldn't be easy to run Linux on this SBC?

Also, do you know the typical power consumption so I can run it portable. Can i run it on a standard 10,000 mAh USB-C to DC input like the PI?

Thanks guys.
Look forward to Hearing from you.