Delta always boots to Bios

userHead Jonathans 2021-04-25 05:18:21 2009 Views0 Replies
My Delta S70GR110 always boots to Bios. The boot sequence is set to Windows Boot Manager but I see the "hit ESC for bios" message briefly but then goes right into Bios without hitting ESC. It goes to the Recovery tab with:
ROM image is not loaded
ROM image update denied

If I save (or discard) and exit, it boots windows just fine. If I boot to UEFI, I can type exit and it also boots windows.

At one point I had a Thumb drive with a Windows image on it attached to a USB as the instructions weren’t clear how to get Windows going. Not sure if that messed things up or not.

I've updated Windows 10, flashed the auto-power on Bios, tried a different USB keyboard, and nothing has changed. Windows Restart and cold start all take me to Bios. Help!