Alpha 864 led fixe no boot

userHead djawho 2021-05-23 17:02:24 1594 Views2 Replies
hello all
My lattepanda alpha 864 (M3 7Y30) no want boot, but the led blue and red are fixe , and the start is normal ( red led fix and blue blue led blink all 5 seconds ) .
_ i have remove rtc battery (and buy news) and the manip of 20 sec long press.
_ used other block DC usb c
_powered the jst 2.0 4P with 12 volts
I belived to have put a bad bios version . But in copie (with ch341A) i have found the ligne mention "S70KR200" n\05 12 02 00.
The usb keyboard no work , but when i connect a usb hard drive the white led of there work .
I have tested flasing of all other bios (kr200) with ch341A , that change nothing.
I have connested with my hdmi tv and my screen xp pen .
Visibly the LPA isn't dead (led) but no out hdmi , no keyboard . I don't have idea . Do you have any idea ?? THX