change your hardware to resolve a black start up screen

userHead zweers 2021-06-05 00:12:08 2016 Views0 Replies
for some reason i could not start up my latte panda alpha , my screen remained black. strange, because i had it working for a while. maybe i changed a setting?

i followed many instructions and suggestions to get into the bios, without success.

i managed , after a hard reset, holding the start button for about half a minute (the blue light goes off ) to start the latte panda again and the monitor worked (= not black).

i timed the normal setup:

t = 0: power on (adapter plugged in)
t = 15: arduino completes start-up
t = 20: press the power button for 5 seconds.
t= 40: fan starts and stops again.
t = 60 fan starts and stops, latte panda logo appears on the monitor.
t = 1'20" windows starts.
it is way longer than my pc, so maybe i was too impatient.

maybe this is another instruction to try:
change your keyboard or monitor if nothing seems to work.
With a Logitec keyboard (brand new) i could not scroll in the bios, with another one, an Ewent, that did work. Also an older HDMI monitor did not work (Iiyama), where a newer (Benq) did work.
so that might be the reason why procedures (hold escape press f1, press f2 and so on) do not work, amongst others

my next step is trying to find out weather it will be useful to flash my bios with a newer version, i still work with the old one.
i think that the sleep settings are important.
i turned off fast restart in the power settings, maybe this prevents going into the bios at start up.

for working with the panda, you need stamina, a terrier-like character. never give up, never surrender. Keep smiling though, good luck!