[DEFECTIVE] - Latte Delta booted then suddenly fried

userHead Julien55 2021-06-17 17:13:57 2252 Views1 Replies

[UPDATE 2] SOLUTION. I put this in front because it will avoid everyone to read this below. I FOUND THE ISSUE, the external PSU fried. I plugged in Latte through JST it works fine. So now I just need to RMA the PSU. Please let me know if I need to send the old one first or just request a new, and to DFROBOT or LattePanda direct. I guess DFROBOT but there is a procedure explained for RMA here too, so not sure which to follow.

I got my Latte Delta about a month ago and finally had time to open it and test it

I mounted the plastic posts so it would not rest on the table unprotected. I plugged in the power supply, and HDMI cable to a screen.
I booted it, saw the logo, then I had a call. During the call, this happened at the same time:

- Latte or power supply made a "snap" noise and I smelt burnt electronics
- Power mains trip switch was triggered so power went out


Seems like a short, nothing turns on. I do not know if this is the power supply or the LATTE. I spent some time examining SMD components on the LATTE, I see absolutely NO damage on each side. I do hope this is the PSU.

I plugged in afterwards the PSU, to try to boot again, and I had a small tingle while touching the USB-C, I am guessing this was the DC voltage, this was definitely not AC 230V
So something is wrong.

I already emailed DFROBOT, saying pretty much that. I do not know to who I should do the RMA with honestly. Screenshot_2021-06-17-10-45-23-680_com.google.android.apps.photos.jpg Screenshot_2021-06-17-10-45-23-680_com.google.android.apps.photos.jpg (248.29 KiB) Viewed 1443 times Screenshot_2021-06-17-10-45-18-300_com.google.android.apps.photos.jpg Screenshot_2021-06-17-10-45-18-300_com.google.android.apps.photos.jpg (450.69 KiB) Viewed 1443 times Screenshot_2021-06-17-10-45-13-831_com.google.android.apps.photos.jpg Screenshot_2021-06-17-10-45-13-831_com.google.android.apps.photos.jpg (311.35 KiB) Viewed 1443 times