New 7" IPS Panel not working correctly

userHead Raff 2021-07-26 09:57:32 2539 Views3 Replies

I just bought a new 7" IPS 1024 x 600 LCD and touch screen from DFRobot to suit my LattePanda.

The Panda is a S70CR110-C45B Z8300 4Gb / 64Gb version

Like other who have posted here, all I get from a power up or reset are white vertical lines, sometimes I can open and reclose the connector while powered up and get the screen to work.

Clearly this is not accepatble.

Im using a Raspberry Pi 3 amp power suppy and have tried resetting the bios as well, no change.

I have noticed that its recommended to try reflashing the bIOS, but warns to not do that unless instructed to do so as it may brick the Panda, so I ahvent done that.

Others here seems to have tried it wiithout it fixing the roblem though.

Id like it replaced and a HDMI verson sent instead as the HDMI port works fine.

Raff. Lerro