Lattepanda delta edp touch display

userHead Blboun 2021-08-06 23:12:08 1099 Views2 Replies
Hi everyone,
I am building portable retro gaming console (sort of nintendo switch clone ) and I am now picking parts. I've decided to use lattepanda delta as main computing power and now I am struggling to find a suitable display... I need it to use eDP, because I want HDMI to be accessible from outside, I also want it to have touch ability. I was thinking of using lattepanda's official 7 inch eDP touch display, but it's smaller than I want ( ideally 8") and it has very big and ugly borders. I would also like to have a better resolution, ideally 1920x1080 or so.

Does anyone here know about better option ?
I was also thinking of options like HDMI splitter or something like that, or display and external touch overlay... but all in one 8" touch eDP display would be great.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations