LattePanda 864s Battery connection?

userHead JafferStroks 2021-08-19 15:10:20 1234 Views1 Replies
Hello. i`m connection with Lattepanda 864s and battery (2S 5000mAh with BMS).according to Document of powering when using Battery of 10pin LED is not turn on.

but you can see attach picture, D13 LED (red) is always on.

And fully charged Battery when friday, check monday (after 3 days) Battery is remain 41%.

i don`t want consume battery power when not turn on The Lattepanda 864s.

can I know how can i Turn off the LED when using Battery?

also i want not consume Battery power when Lattepanda 864s turn off.

please tell me your advice.

Thank you and have a nice day !