Question about Windwos 10 license in Lattepanda.

userHead Junghyun 2021-08-26 12:36:16 2246 Views3 Replies
We are using Lattepanda to develop our NPI.

I would like to clarify Windows 10 licence policy on lattepanda for mass
My question is like below.

"If we transfer a backup of one Lattenpanda's Windwos 10 image to another
Windwos 10 license still valid in another Lattepanda?"

Windwos 10 transfer condition:
- Lattepanda model : DFR0418
- Data transfer method: Windwos 10 original Backup / Restore function with
external SSD.

Additional quesion:
- Windwos 10 licecen existed in Lattepanda's BIOS chip?
- When we tansfer a backup of one lattepanda's to another Lattepand, it
look like no probleem because i can check anothor lattepanda windwos still
In this case, is there a posiibility that Widnwos license of lattepands
will be deactivated later?