Still worthwhile to repair?

userHead KarelSoel 2021-08-30 16:52:44 1072 Views0 Replies
I got my lattepanda alpha through Kickstarter in early 2019, and mainly used it to do simple tinkering or remote control it to do some windows stuffs.

A while ago it suddenly died and cannot be power on no matter what power source is used (no LED on at all). I’ve contacted Lattepanda tech support and they offered repair service (Lattepanda’a response was quick and the only problem was the parcel stuck at China customs for almost one month before reaching them). Lattepanda told me a capacitor was broken and eventually the repair costed about $36 including postage fee. I’m happy with it as I can get this little machine to work again. vshare

Unfortunately after a few days of use, it cannot be turned on again. This time was a bit difference because the LED was still on (with red LED on and blue LED blinking regularly, just like normal) but once I tried to turn it on, its red LED only blinks for a while and goes back to the standby state again. I’ve tried all methods I could find on Lattepanda forum but without any success, including using 3 different PD power supply, power through the 12V connectors, removing the RTC battery, etc.

I contacted Lattepanda again and they said it’s not related to capacitor but probably due to short circuit, and they can repair it for me again.

I love this little machine but I can also buy a raspberry pi with the repair costs. Do you think it’s still worthwhile to repair it?