Any I/O pins to indicate that Windows has shut down?

userHead anonymous 2021-09-28 02:10:36 1006 Views1 Replies
I'm using a 4GB/64GB V1 LattePanda. In normal operation it runs unattended and headless with only power and a USB connection to the LP. The system runs on battery power with an interface board that manages power and comms to the LP and does some other things. When the main app finishes its work it will do a graceful Windows shutdown. We want to know when Windows has completed its shutdown and powered off so the I/F board can disconnect the battery to prevent it from over-discharging.

Is there a connector I/O pin from the Windows CPU or peripherals that we could use to indicate that the Windows side of the LP has shut down and is powered off? I was thinking of a pin we could sample that's normally high and will drop to zero on power down.

Ideas? Thanks.