CPU 100%

userHead nbl7 2021-10-30 17:49:08 1193 Views1 Replies

Hello there,

I just bought a new LattePanda Delta from www.dfrobot.com with a Windows Licence installed.

I did not install any app and I did not change anything on Windows config, however the CPU is always 100% even without doing any work.
The temperature is around 50°C and the room temperature is below average.

where they are saying the LattePanda may require some active cooling. But I don't understand why, Shouldn't the installed fan enough at least for easy work?

Thank you for the support. Attachments IMG_6563.jpg IMG_6563.jpg (213.33 KiB) Viewed 853 times IMG_6564.jpg IMG_6564.jpg (341.99 KiB) Viewed 853 times IMG_6562.jpg IMG_6562.jpg (186.55 KiB) Viewed 853 times