latte panda 4 / 64 , i want to use SD, BT and the others....

userHead digerati518 2021-11-14 18:48:49 1435 Views1 Replies
i bought second-hand lattepanda 4/64, there is windows 10 pro at lattepanda.( DFR0419, Z8350)

i can't use micro SD card, and i can't use blue tooth,

i found out that i need to install these accessory's driver to use them.

i found an article that explain how to install lattepanda drivers.

but there is a only link that is at google drive.

i downloaded that folder "4+64_drivers-20211114~~~~-001 "
but there is not a install program such as setup.exe.

how can i install all of these items at once ?


which driver can i install to use MICRO SD CARD ?


i think , SD CARD driver folder is maybe SPI ? DPTF ? ISH ? PMIC ? PSS? TXEI ? BM?

I need a manual for installing drivers manually.

help me.... latte panda team

and congratulation for launching lattepanda 3 delta,

i think , lattepanda price is so high.

i think price is very important reference to buy something.