LattePanda Delta 864s does not detect M-keyed NVMe SSD

userHead chalojak 2021-12-08 18:53:24 876 Views1 Replies
Hi all,
my LT does not detect an M-keyed SSD in BIOS and OS.
I have started with Samsung 980 NVMe EVO 1TB and continued with some older B-keyed Corsair and Samsung SSDs. For all cases, BIOS is showing the slot as empty and it only let's me to select AHCI mode. I have played with selecting the compatibility from Default to Gen1,2 and 3 with not effect. Also flashing BIOS from github did not help, I tried all versions - the default, linux compatible and auto-power-on. I was using both original supplied power adapter and dell docking station (90W), with no effect either.
Am I missing something? Does anyone have clue how to enable the M2 SSD on LT?