Alpha R310 autopoweron bios instructions unclear

userHead ianshmean 2021-12-11 04:43:26 747 Views1 Replies

I am trying to enable auto-on on a R310 LattePanda Alpha.

With the S70KR300 board, the R300 instructions are clear with all the necessary files included in the zip.

But for the S70KR310, the instructions are less clear.

In the zips provided the "" archive only has 3 files:

- eFuitX64.efi
- S70KR310A-V9-poweron.bin

but the instructions request running:

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fs3:\> AfuEfix64.efi BS-7-S70KR200-K65A-B1A.Bin /p /b /n but neither file is available.

If I guess that the first step for the auto poweron bios flash should be

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fs3:> eFuitX64.efi S70KR310A-V9-poweron.bin /p /b /n then I get the error "ERROR: unrecognize parameter /p . Aborting."

Further, for the second step in the instructions:

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fs3:\> eFuitX64.efi /u EC-7-S70KR200-K65A-B1A.bin it requires a different bin file, where there is only one provided in the zip archive.

Please help me understand which files or instructions should be used to update to the R310 auto poweron bios.