Lattepanda Alpha 800S Li-Po Battery pack

userHead miterkint 2021-12-28 22:25:38 997 Views0 Replies
Hey there,

i just recieved my 800s and I'm looking forward to power it with a lipo battery pack and use it just like a laptop/tablet. Now with the USB-C power Input is 15V/3AMP=45Watts I've had a smooth experience without problems. Now the recommended Voltage for a lipo battery is 7,4Volts - 8,2Volts via the the 10Pin connector on the board. Is it still possible to use a Lipo Battery with 15V output or would it destroy the board? I think if I'd use a 8,4V output, I'd only get a fraction of the speed then using it with the charger over the usb-c port. Is there a solution to it?VidMate Mobdro