help with Arduino Leanardo on Alpha

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I am trying to get this to work. I know I have hooked everything up correctly. I am currently using Ubuntu 20.04 with the Arduino IDE installed. I have a INA219 High Side DC Current Sensor. the SDA and SCL are properly connected to D2 and D3 on the Arduino pinset. Using the Arduino IDE I have selected the Arduino Leonardo board and the ttyACM0 as the USB port. I am still learning the code on this but could someone give me some assistance.

import time

import board

from adafruit_ina219 import ADCResolution, BusVoltageRange, INA219

i2c_bus = board.I2C()

ina219 = INA219(i2c_bus)

print("ina219 test")

// display some of the advanced field (just to test)

print("Config register:")

print(" bus_voltage_range: 0x%1X" % ina219.bus_voltage_range)

print(" gain: 0x%1X" % ina219.gain)

print(" bus_adc_resolution: 0x%1X" % ina219.bus_adc_resolution)

print(" shunt_adc_resolution: 0x%1X" % ina219.shunt_adc_resolution)

print(" mode: 0x%1X" % ina219.mode)


// optional : change configuration to use 32 samples averaging for both bus voltage and shunt voltage

ina219.bus_adc_resolution = ADCResolution.ADCRES_12BIT_32S

ina219.shunt_adc_resolution = ADCResolution.ADCRES_12BIT_32S

// optional : change voltage range to 16V

//ina219.bus_voltage_range = BusVoltageRange.RANGE_16V

// measure and display loop

while True:

bus_voltage = ina219.bus_voltage // voltage on V- (load side)

shunt_voltage = ina219.shunt_voltage // voltage between V+ and V- across the shunt

current = ina219.current // current in mA

power = ina219.power // power in watts

// INA219 measure bus voltage on the load side. So PSU voltage = bus_voltage + shunt_voltage

print("Voltage (VIN+) : {:6.3f} V".format(bus_voltage + shunt_voltage))

print("Voltage (VIN-) : {:6.3f} V".format(bus_voltage))

print("Shunt Voltage : {:8.5f} V".format(shunt_voltage))

print("Shunt Current : {:7.4f} A".format(current / 1000))

print("Power Calc. : {:8.5f} W".format(bus_voltage * (current / 1000)))

print("Power Register : {:6.3f} W".format(power))


// Check internal calculations haven't overflowed (doesn't detect ADC overflows)

if ina219.overflow:

print("Internal Math Overflow Detected!")



this is my error

battery.ino:1:1: error: ‘import’ does not name a type

I am at a total loss.