LattePanda Delta and I2S audio

userHead bs592 2022-03-12 13:26:52 948 Views2 Replies
Hello to everyone, that's great to eventually join the LattePanda community!

For the last few weeks, I have been trying to use I2S Audio in my LattePanda Delta.

Obviously, I dug right here in this forum (but of course not only) and I came across several small topics quickly talking about it, but, so far, no answer was brought up except that it would be an effort to implement it, different factors have to be in phase in order to make it work.

Well, to be quite clear, since the interface is right on the board, I may miss something but if it's not the case, that would seem quite wrong to me that the boards would be sold with this I2S interface on them but no one could use it without moving mountains, it would make no sense.

Moreover, since I'm now at the end of my project (for which I chose the Delta) and since this is probably the last big point I'm dealing with, if there's an effort to be done, I'm ready to participate in it with you.

I2S audio is regaining in popularity more and more and is a real game-changer when it comes to high fidelity audio, this is no longer a seldom thing, as we can pretty much see when we take a glance at what the competitors can do.

With all of that in mind, I will put below the different steps I tried so far (without success for the moment).

My environment:

- LattePanda Delta board
- MAX98357A I2S DAC plugged into the I2S interface
- 2 Speakers plugged into the DAC
- Debian 11 OS on a NVMe disk[/list]

Steps achieved for now:

- Updating/upgrading Debian to its last version
- Setting the BIOS options to enable I2S (especially the option "I2S port owns I/O transfers")
- Recompiling the kernel to tweak some configuration that seemed related
- Enabling/disabling some modules by editing `/etc/modules` and `blacklist.conf`
- Enabling a `Dummy` audio interface (but I2S is still not enabled either)
- Reading the specifications related to the N4100 CPU to find related information and guidelines

I thank you in advance to bring up anything that might help.