Charging LiPo battery

userHead dablitz1 2022-03-31 23:17:20 648 Views1 Replies
OK gents, I have a really good question, but first let me give you some back story.

I have a 7.4v 10000mah LiPo battery that I hook up to an Alpha via the LiPo port on the bottom. The life span of the battery is not very long. So i placed a 3 amp boost controller in the middle and set the boost output to 8v. The battery life drastically extended the life of the system, by more then triple the time. This work perfectly.

BUT: Now I want to charge the battery via the same port, but have to bypass the boost controller as the flow of DC is only one direction. I know that the 12v pins just above the USB header when on battery puts out 7v, when plugged in with LattePanda power cord shows 14 volts. I want to use this as some kind of relay control that when I plug in the Alpha I close the connection from battery to boost controller and open the connection from Alpha to battery for charging.

Am I anywhere near a good idea here, or can someone point me in a direction that would allow me to do this?