Usb Gadget mode

userHead ajagskara 2022-04-06 13:37:00 678 Views1 Replies

Did anyone know if lattepanda supports usb otg or gadget mode? I am unable to find information about usb controller on any of lattepanda boards

Can anyone post the controller model from lspci or windows device manager

2022-09-22 05:30:01

The USB host controllers on all three versions of the LattePanda are dual-role and thus support device mode. But this is not supported by DFRobot, and they have repeatedly said it isn't supported and that it won't work. But, you might make an OTG cable with VBUS isolated and see if you can get it working in Linux. Even if there isn't an OTG_ID pin routed out you can try to force peripheral mode in software.

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