Portable remote desktop machine

userHead anonymous 2022-07-27 15:42:49 503 Views1 Replies
I've been on an extremely long journey to find the device I needed. The purpose is having a portable, battery powered remote desktop client machine, with good-ish peripherals, but without overspending on computing power, size, or both.
My objectives are:
  • Not pay much for power I wouldn't need or use. This excludes most MiniPCs, high end laptops, and high end smartphones. Single Board PCs fit greatly in this requirement.
  • Power for hours with a smallish source like a smartphone powerbank. This excludes all MiniPCs except for the Minisforum UM560. Single Board PCs fit greatly in this requirement.
  • Have USB-C alt mode in order to use a single cable for everything. This excludes low/mid end smartphones, all MiniPCs except for the Minisforum UM560, and as far as I cound find it also excludes all Single Board PCs except for Latte Panda ones.
  • Run Linux or Windows, since Android's Remote Desktop Clients tend to be just bad, with extremely little customization. This excludes almost the entirety of the smartphone market, with few exceptions like the Librem 5, but those are waaaaaay too expensive.
So my main focuses are power consumption, connectivity, portability.
I have a portable display (G-Story 15.6" 1080p) which should already support USB-C alt mode. It can receive or send power, receive video and send touch data with a single cable to a device. I have a 5v smartphone power bank that is enough to power the display, but I may try and find a PD compliant one if needed (afaik non-PD compliance maxes out at 5v, correct me if I'm wrong).
Besides that I whish to connect my regular actually good keyboard and mouse (one of the reasons why I'm avoiding laptops, builtin keyboards would be a waste of money and space).

So to the question, now that my delving deep brought me here: Is a Lattepanda the kind of device I've been looking for, or is there some catch?
Bonus question: I can only find the Latte Panda 3 Delta on Kickstarter with estimated delivery to Mar 2022, and the kickstarter is ended. How do I get one now? (Note: I'm in Europe, Italy)

Thanks everyone!