[Tutorial] of Titan Case Assembly

userHead Queenie.Le 2019-01-11 10:46:31 30161 Views11 Replies

Here I will share my Titan case assembly process with you guys.

What you received: LattePanda Alpha/Delta Board and Titan Case. 



1.First, remove the two wings of the upper half of Titan case.
(Tip: It would be easier to disassemble them by pulling away from the middle of the wings) 修正1.jpg 


2.Then put your LattePanda Alpha/Delta into Titan case.
(Tip 1: It could be easier if you put the side with audio jack into the case first.
Tip 2: In this step, you can install the antenna, SSD, eDP and Touch connectors before closing the lower half of Titan case, and the rest parts,such as SD card, Ethernet cable and USB ports, should be connected after installation.) 



3.After the upper and lower half of Titan case are installed, screw the four corners. 修正5_副本.jpg 


4. Then buckle the wings and complete the installation: 



 5. After installation, the ports of each side are as follows: